Joe Bennett

Author and Columnist

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ISBN: 1-877270-85-7
Publisher: Hazard Press

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  • Fish Pond
  • Unmuzzled by Joe Bennett
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    You know all those Joe Bennett newspaper columns you loved this year and wish you’d kept? The ones that made you laugh out loud over your breakfast? The ones in which he said just what you’d been thinking – only so much better? The ones that inveighed against jet-skis, praised coffee, took a swipe at Paul Holmes, loved dogs, defended the English language . . . ? Here they are – plus the ones he writes for other papers that you never get to see – in his seventh collection. Buy it, and enjoy Joe Bennett all over again.

    “Joe Bennett can see sermons in stones, and present a philosophical treatise in a few words”. – The Press

    “Bennett’s writing is a splendid example of how simple English can be employed to devastating effect. He makes our other columnists seem earnest, stolid and verbose.” – North & South

    “Guaranteed to put a smile on the saddest face.” – Wairarapa Times-Age

    Joe Bennett went to Cambridge University then taught English before running away from the classroom to become a newspaper columnist. He writes weekly columns, appears on breakfast television and makes after-dinner speeches all over the country.