Joe Bennett

Author and Columnist

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Fun Run and Other Oxymorons

ISBN: 0-684-86136-4
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

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  • Fun Run and Other Oxymorons by Joe Bennett
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    Why is it that a man with a vacuum cleaner just has to discover exactly what it is capable of sucking up? And have you ever wondered why cars parked outside massage parlours contain dogs? Why Monopoly is the root of all evil? Why every man should own a circular saw? Or wondered what it's like to sleep on a waterbed when drunk?

    Joe Bennett is an Englishman abroad. With prose as clear as sunlight he illuminates normal life. The result is abnormally funny. He celebrates simplicity, and lacerates pomposity. Among his pet subjects are consultants, cappuccinos, karaoke, dogs and golf.

    In his own words, "if anything holds these observations together it is that I like people but not in herds. I distrust all beliefs, most thought, and anything ending in -ism. Most opinion is emotion in fancy dress."

    Enjoy the company of this sparkling wit, whose hilarious and deadly accurate vignettes highlight the absurdities of life.